Classic Music for Your Wedding

You've selected your flowers, hired the photographer, and planned the reception. Now, you need the music that will make your ceremony truly memorable. Here is a collection of audio clips to help you choose selections for the important moments.

Prelude and Postlude Selections

Wedding ceremonies usually feature quiet, meditative prelude music for the seating of the guests. However, some couples prefer music that sparkles with anticipation. A combination of musical styles can help to keep the mood from being either too somber or too lively. The selections in this section are appropriate for use either in the prelude, or in an extended postlude used when guests are dismissed row by row.


The entrance of the wedding party and the bride is a highlight of the wedding ceremony. Stately music with a tempo of walking pace is appropriate. Some brides prefer a grand entrance with a crescendo of music, while others prefer a more intimate sound.

Some hymn tunes can be used very effectively as processionals. The hymn "Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven" was chosen by Queen Elizabeth II as her wedding processional in 1947.


These lively numbers provide a joyous conclusion to the ceremony.