How To Add Convolution Reverb to Hauptwerk for Windows


Hauptwerk is software that allows users to create and play virtual pipe organs. This short tutorial and video describes how to add reverb to the organ sound produced by Hauptwerk using some free third party packages.

Note that the approach described here works best for simple Hauptwerk systems that use stereo output. This tutorial does not cover multichannel systems.

The setup procedure takes perhaps 20 minutes.


You need the following software:

  • Windows (I tested in Windows 7)

  • Hauptwerk 4.0 (any edition)

  • Reverberate LE (get the Native CPU version)
    This software is a VST plugin that performs convolution reverb.

  • Cantabile Lite 2.0 (free)
    This software acts as a VST host. It feeds the output of Hauptwerk through the Reverberate LE plugin and sends the result to the computer's audio output.

Installation Notes

Installing these packages is straightforward. When installing Reverberate LE, you are prompted for a location to install the Reverberate LE VST plugin DLL. You can put it anywhere; just make a note of where you installed it.

Setup Video

The following video demonstrates how to configure the software. (Scroll down for more notes and resources.)


Even when running on 64-bit Windows, I recommend downloading the 32-bit version of Cantabile and selecting the 32-bit version of the Hauptwerk VST plugin, since the Reverberate LE plugin is available only in a 32-bit version. 64-bit VST works only when all parts of the software chain are 64-bit, including the audio driver.


Q & A

See this topic in the Hauptwerk forums for discussion.

Impulse Responses

Here are some links to libraries of Impulse Responses:

Updated 4/13/2012 by S. Schaub